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Check below to find information on how to talk to your kids about drugs and alcohol, in-depth bios of common drugs and their effects, relevant community resources, and links to helpful pages.

Your child and drug prevention

Parents and guardians setting clear expectations surrounding substances is the number one way to prevent your child from using drugs or alcohol. Read the lifesaving resources below for guidance on talking to your kids because it could save their life and prevent addiction.

Kids Running

Learn helpful hints to comfortably talk to your kids about your expectations around drugs and alcohol. Drugfree.org shows how to talk to kids from all age ranges and effective ways to prevent substance abuse.

Girl Playing Violin

Survey results show how being involved in extracurricular activities can make a significant impact on preventing teen drug use and underage drinking.

Substances and their effects

A comprehensive overview of some of the most commonly used substances among Olathe teens.

Tequila Shots

Kidshealth.org provides a well-rounded guide on the effects of alcohol on the adolescent brain, signs of underage drinking and how to prevent it.


Click to learn the basics: what it is, what it does, how it works and how to get your child to quit.

Brain Scans

The American Psychological Association gives an in-depth look at the impact marijuana can have on young users.


Check out the Centers for Disease Control's overview of what e-cigarettes do, how teens are using them and how the industry has been targeting young people.

Pile of Pills

Learn how to approach your child if you have reason to believe that they have tried drugs or are currently using them.

father and son talking about drugs and alcohol

Read how short chats can build a strong foundation for delivering important messages to your child about drugs and alcohol.