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Effects of Covid-19 on Alcohol Usage

Covid-19 has impacted all aspects of public health in the past year. One of the most alarming problems that the Virus has perpetuated is alcoholism and alcohol usage. Not only has Covid-19 contributed to elevated drinking levels, but the health effects of the virus particularly impact those who use and abuse alcohol. If you are interested in learning more about Covid-19 and alcohol or wanting to help someone you are concerned for, we have linked several resources you can look at.

"COVID-19 Poses Unique Challenges For Alcohol Drinkers" by

"Regardless of the amount of alcohol a person consumes though, since alcohol consumption can weaken our immune systems over time, any person with problematic drinking behaviors can be amongst the most vulnerable populations for getting COVID-19."

"Alcoholism and Domestic Abuse During the Coronavirus Pandemic" by

"These tense times appear to be worsening rates of domestic violence, as well as increasing stress and alcohol consumption. With this, violence in the home can lead to a higher risk of depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and substance abuse issues... It’s critical to ensure everyone feels safe in their homes and has ways to escape situations of domestic violence due to alcohol abuse."

"Drinking Alcohol When Working from Home" by

Use this interactive map to discover the % of workers drinking alcohol while working from home.

"Mental Health and Substance Abuse Is on the Rise for Teens Because of COVID-19" by

"According to one study, alcohol use among teenagers has risen some during the pandemic. Before COVID, this study estimates 28.6 percent of teens used alcohol. During the pandemic, that number rose to 30.4 percent."

"Teens Substance Abuse Increase Risk for Covid-19" by

"Underage drinking increases your risk for a severe Covid-19 infection."

"Case Study: What Does Adolescent Substance Use Look Like During the

COVID-19 Pandemic?" by Journal of Adolescent Health

"Since COVID-19-related social distancing began, the frequency of adolescent alcohol and cannabis use has increased."

Visit our Hotlines and Resources section of our website for more general information about alcohol and how to get yourself or a loved one support. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this post, please reach out to and we will be happy to chat.

We wish you a safe and healthy week!

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