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National Drugs and Alcohol Facts Week Wrap-Up

This week was National Drugs and Alcohol Facts Week, so for those of you who didn't catch our social media posts, we wanted to post our links here so you can check them out firsthand and share a quick summary of what this week means to us and what we posted.

National Drugs and Alcohol Facts Week was created by the National Health Institute (NIH) with the Drug Abuse segment (NIDA) to "shatter the myths" surrounding drugs and alcohol and promote education as a means to prevent substance addiction and abuse, particularly with the underage teen audience. This week and its mission matter because we should all be invested in making our communities a safe and healthy place for all by spreading & educating ourselves on the truth and by promoting a substance free life for underage teens and adults, too.

Our posts throughout the week consisted of a checklist to complete of the fun, interactive, educational activities that posted, a true and false conversation about common substance myths and facts, a shocking drug facts thread with opioids/vaping/marijuana, and a collection of free, engaging resources about drugs and alcohol. Visit our Instagram at, Facebook at, or Twitter at to see these posts in action.

For more educational resources on drugs and alcohol, visit our Olathe Drug Trends page, our Resources or Hotlines segment, or our Blogs to learn more.

We thank you for your support this week and for your help in making Olathe a safe and healthy community for all.


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