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Olathe Family Day

Olathe Family Day on September 23 #olathefamilyday

Olathe is celebrating Olathe Family Day on September 23! This day is dedicated to celebrating the simple things that families can do together like sharing a meal, playing a game or going on a walk.

Spending time with your children can make a big impact on their future relationship with drugs and alcohol. Taking advantage of the little moments in a day to have a small conversation or simply spend time together in the same space can add up.

Research has shown that parental influence is a significant factor in a child's decision to experiment with drugs or to participate in underage drinking. A study published on the National Center for Biotechnology Information website shows that the level of an adult's approval of alcohol has a high correlation to their child's drinking behavior. Another study published by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism shows that parents that have the highest level of engagement with their child have the greatest rate of success in preventing underage drinking and substance abuse.

Kansas Communities That Care survey data from 2019 data shows that 15 percent of our community's teens feel that their parents' rules about drugs and alcohol are unclear. Clearly outlining these expectations with your child is a simple step that can have a large effect on your child's decision to use substances.

Take advantage of Olathe Family Day and take the time to come together as a family and have a positive impact on your child's relationship with drugs and alcohol. Visit the City of Olathe website to learn more about ways you can celebrate.

Parents and children at fun-fair.

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