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Powerful Sober Testimonies

As seen on our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, we tagged 3 strong women who have experienced the road to sobriety. They share their story on social media in hopes to prevent others from becoming addicted to alcohol too. Their Instagram handles are @sobrietyisthenewdrunk, @pathtosobriety, and @recoveryisthenewblack if you'd like to read or learn more about their inspiring & challenging journeys to sobriety. We, Olathe CTC, believe that stories are a powerful alcohol prevention method, so we encourage you to share this with the youth in your life because it will make a difference.

@sobrietyisthenewdrunk: "I love seeing the physical side-by-side transformation because it reminds me how far I’ve come. I used to feel sick and tired all the time and now I’m full of energy. Feels so good to finally take care of the body I’ve been given!"

@apathtosobriety: "My head is clearer. My skin is prettier. My sleep is deeper. My morals are greater. Sober is, always, better."

@recoveryisthenewblack_: "Too many women are dying from drinking for me to stay silent about my sobriety. ⁠This is why I share my journey out loud. Doing this often gives others the opportunity to do the same. ⁠We’re living in a boozy culture where excessive alcohol consumption is normalized. Let’s normalize sobriety and a persons decision not to ingest poison."

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