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Top 10: Benefits of Creating a Family Seasonal Bucket List

Welcome back to Top 10! With fall officially under way we would like to encourage families to try something new this year and develop a seasonal bucket list! Whether buckets lists are already a family tradition, or this is year one, they are a fantastic way to encourage family togetherness during your season of choice. Below we have compiled a list of 10 reasons why you should make your seasonal bucket list today!

Encourages safe, family friendly activities

By creating a seasonal bucket list, families work together to plan safe, family friendly activities they would like to participate in during the season of focus. Developing a family seasonal bucket list can be unique to the family, or there are several pre-made lists online families can use to guide them in their bucket list journey!

Teaches youth about setting goals

Setting goals with your family will help give them a sense of purpose that can ultimately improve their confidence and build self-esteem.

Keeps families active

Being active together as a family is beneficial for everyone's physical and mental health. It can boost one's mood and reduce feelings of stress and depression. It also encourages healthy habits along with positive family bonding time.

Encourages new experiences

New experiences are beneficial for our emotional health. Sometimes we get stuck in the same routine and feel like we don't have time to try something new. Starting with small, new experiences will get your family and you comfortable with change. In no time, you will be ready to keep adding new experiences to your list!

Creates tradition and memories

Creating traditions as a family is a wonderful way to make beautiful memories together. Traditions help strengthen family bonds, while reminding everyone of what truly matters. They are a chance to celebrate whatever makes a family unique and provide youth with security. Developing traditions at a young age can often encourage youth to continue traditions into adulthood with their families.

Teaches youth about gratitude

Practicing gratitude as a family teaches members to appreciate what they have and what others do for them. Gratitude has been shown to have benefits such as boosting self-esteem, improving mental and physical health, and enhancing sleep quality.

Encourages creativity

Encouraging creativity in youth is important for their over mental health and well-being. It helps with thinking outside the box and fosters new ideas. Families who encourage creativity often communicate better and solve problems more effectively. Creativity helps build strong relationships and connections.

Inspires new hobbies and skills

Not only is it fun to learn a new hobby or skill, but it has health benefits as well. Finding activities that can make families happy to participate in, will in turn help improve their overall wellbeing. Hobbies can help reduce stress, encourage positivity, promote mental health, and improve relationships. Developing a seasonal bucket list is a great way to try new activities that may develop into a loved hobby the whole family can enjoy!

Creates focus and motivation

Developing a seasonal bucket list as a family can help create focus and motivation. Having a fun goal to work towards while checking the items off your bucket list is a great way to keep the family members motivated until the end of the list. Keep in mind, the list needs to be realistic and easily achieved. Motivation helps youth learn to take on more responsibility and indulge in more creative varied learning throughout their life.

Gives a sense of accomplishment

Studies have shown feeling a sense of accomplishment in youth can help develop positive wellbeing throughout their lives. Youth with a strong sense purpose, persistence, and accomplishment perform better in school and work. Accomplishing each task on the seasonal bucket list as a family fosters a sense of pride, aiding in the start of a new traditions the family can continue for many years to come.

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